We've Simplified Digital Appointments

Our direct appointment booking provides your staff and clients the convenience they demand

How does it work?

Clients view which doctor they prefer to see, as well as days and times the doctor is available based on parameters you've set-up during on-boarding. After selecting their doctor, day and time, they then book the appointment, which goes directly onto your practice scheduler. It's that easy!

Staff benefits

Your staff spends less time on the phone, less time confirming digital appointment requests, and more time focused on the clients who are present in the office.

Convenience for clients

Clients can book their appointment 24/7, even when your practice doors are physically closed. Instead of relying on confirmation the next morning from your staff, direct appointment booking provides them the instant gratification of booking an appointment immediately.

For more information about our direct appointment booking, read our press release or visit our blog articles Direct Booking is a Game Changer and Here’s Why and Direct Appointment Booking: What it Means and Why You Should Care.