VitusVet Partners with Nationwide to Offer its Pet Insurance Members Exclusive Claims Submission Functionality

VitusVet has partnered with Nationwide®, the first and largest provider of pet health insurance in the United States. All Nationwide pet insurance members now have exclusive access to the VitusVet app claims submission functionality and vethelpline® click-to-call access. Additionally, users can take advantage of other convenient features of the application, including access to their pet’s medical records, receiving medication reminders, and sharing access with family, friends and veterinarians.  Read the full press release here.

A message from Scott Liles, President of Nationwide Pet, Nationwide Insurance

There’s an app for everything, it seems. File your pet health insurance claims on your mobile device? Yes, there’s an app for that, too.

This year my team at Nationwide Pet has put extra emphasis on enhancing the member experience by offering pet owners new, simple and innovative ways to interact with us.

Which brings me to that app. Read more.

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3 misunderstandings about pet health insurance

If your practice is still unsure about whether to promote pet health insurance, you may run into a few false facts during your research. The truth is, pet health insurance is beneficial to your practice, your clients and most importantly, your patients. Here’s the truth behind three misconceptions about pet health insurance. Read more.

The importance of pet insurance and why your practice should be educating clients about it

One of the primary reasons clients don’t visit you as often as they should is because of cost. If you ask a majority of pet parents, they’d say that they say that they typically spend at least $100 for each visit. For people who have a large disposable income, that’s not much, but for the majority of the population, $100 needs to be budgeted into their monthly expenses. The trouble is, it’s hard to budget for unexpected expenses for pets. And if that pet parent hasn’t taken in their pet for a while, chances are additional services will need to be performed too. That’s why pet insurance is so important. Pet insurance can help with financial assistance in an emergency situation and provides relief where pet parents can focus on the health of their pet rather than the cost of a procedure. Read more.