Calculating Customer Churn

Instructions:Choose your start and end date for the analysis (such as the past 18 months). Then, fill in the blue boxes with actual data from your practice to view your results.

# of Active Clients at the Beginning of Period:

Ex: Clients who have visited in 18 months prior to the start date

# of Active Clients at the End of Period:

Ex: Existing clients who visited in 18 months prior to end date

# of New Clients during the Period:

Ex: Clients whose first visit occurred between the start & end dates

Churn Rate:

# of Clients Lost during the Period:

Interpreting the Result

Churn is a measurement of how good you are at retaining clients, NOT how good you are at getting new ones.
Your goal; means you are reactivating existing clients and/or current clients are recommending new ones.
Bad; means new clients are merely replacing clients that you lost during the period, so there's no net growth.
Bad; means you're leaking clients and advertising/marketing budget isn't going toward growth, it's just keeping your head above water.
Hint: New customer acquisition during the measurement interval is excluded from the churn calculation in order to disentangle churn from growth.
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