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Reminders and confirmations

Still relying on junk mail postcards to bring in clients? Our effective blend of push, email, and text messages make your door swing and eliminates no-shows.

Text and picture messaging

Reduce phone calls and build trust by sending real-time updates right from your cell phone. These are especially effective for hospitalized patients, don’t show your personal contact info, and can be stored in your practice software.

Mobile app branded to your practice

This app prominently features your brand but, because we built it with pet owners in mind, you’re giving them something of real value. A tool that helps them take better care of their pets (not just a thinly disguised marketing app) so they actually use it. A lot.

Target marketing

Quickly and simply send messages (email & push notifications) to all or a subset (e.g. dental month) of your clients. Our personalized dashboards and detailed reporting put you in control.

Appointment and refill requests

You’ll see a significant increase in non-routine appointments due to our high client usage rates and easy-to-use design. Plus, less phone calls make your staff happy. Simpler appointments = more appointments.


Our performance dashboard and reporting provide you the accountability you're looking for in a partner. Set goals for appointments and refills, monitor channels, delivery performance and view compliance on our easy-to-read dashboard. The only thing you pay for are appointments and refills that are booked through the platform.

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Our partners are already realizing the value

I see VitusVet as being vital to our success...I can truly tell you that our clients are impressed with the app; over 75% subscribed!
Dr. Michael Hendricks
Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic, Dublin, OH
The clients who have downloaded the app love it. They check the medical record updates frequently and use it to request appointments.
Jennifer Riley
Caring Hands Animal Hospital, Centreville, VA
VitusVet is the most comprehensive and user friendly app on the market...Our clients love having their pets’ medical info at their fingertips.
Samira Samuels
BeeVet Hospital, Austin, TX

Why VitusVet?

VitusVet is different because pet parents find the app valuable and love to use it. We’re also the leader when it comes to digital tools with proven results to make your practice a better business. Here’s why VitusVet works so well for you and your clients:

  • Digital compliance expertise: Postcard reminders are expensive and almost completely ineffective. We've built the best digital business tools in the industry that will allow you to communicate with your clients the right way, vastly improve compliance and reduce existing compliance costs.
  • Smart transparency: This is the core of VitusVet. We give your clients access to their full medical record but in a way that you can control. Clients love it. Your patients deserve it.
  • Single, digital medical record: Since the company began, we’ve focused on improving the way medical records are shared between all of a pet’s caretakers. Whether a patient receives care at a general practice, an ER or a specialist, the record is updated automatically. Your clients save time and money. Patients receive better care.

Total # of pet records managed on VitusVet network

Reduce client churn

We started this company to make all pets safer and healthier. To us, that begins with transparency and client access to full and automatically updated medical records. By offering this valuable benefit through the VitusVet app, you establish meaningful client trust and engagement that ultimately leads to greater retention.

The average veterinary practice loses 30% of their clients every year. Our app greatly reduces this so your marketing dollars go further.


Earn more from existing clients

Establishing a value-based relationship with your clients through VitusVet almost immediately leads to more revenue from non-routine appointments, dentals and refills. Additionally, the open rate for our in-app reminders is 98% (vs. 15% from email reminders). Click below to see the impact we had on one partner practice in just 7 days!

Attract new clients

Pet parents love the VitusVet app and want the kind of access that we provide to our member practices. Over 2 million pets are already registered in our database, and over 20% of them do not currently go to a VitusVet member practice. We introduce these pet parents to local participating practices, and our “Refer-a-Friend” feature doubles the effectiveness.

Example of pet parent app downloads in the DC metro area

VitusConnect - Veterinary text and picture messaging

Create closer relationships with your clients by sending instantaneous patient updates that can also be stored in your practice management software. VitusConnect is secure, convenient and enables you to communicate with clients the way they want.

Your clients will thank you for using VitusVet

Sure came in handy last night at the emergency vet. I had all of Robbie’s records available immediately! Thank you CHOF for having VitusVet for your clients!
Carol T.
Pet Owner
Knowledge is power. And in an emergency, access to our precious pets’ complete medical records can save time, money and lives. Tell your vet about VitusVet!
Haley G.
Pet Owner
Wow! Honestly, I thought this was going to be another rubbish app to keep track of my pets’ info. Boy was I wrong! This app is fantastic.
Jennifer A.
Pet Owner

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Founded by Dr. Mark Olcott, a veterinarian with over 20 years experience, VitusVet’s goal is to improve the health, safety, and welfare of all pets.