Give pet owners peace-of-mind with on-demand access to pet health records.

VitusVet empowers veterinary practices to give pet owners 24/7 access to their pet’s health records, right from the comfort of their mobile phones.



Nowadays, pets are cherished family members so it’s important to equip owners with their pets’ medical records to encourage responsible pet patient care. We believe that pet owners should have convenient, on-demand access to all of their pet’s health records to share with sitters, boarding facilities, groomers and anyone else in the case of an emergency. VItusVet offers a free client app to allow veterinary practices to do just that.

  • The VitusVet client app comes branded to your practice, and allows pet owners to access their pet patient data in a few simple clicks.

  • Drastically reduce high-volume requests for routine records like vaccines and lab results through in-app access to electronic pet health records 24/7.



VitusVet is a cloud-based practice client communication system that provides you with an all-in-one pet health app created especially for your clients at zero extra cost. This complementary mobile tool lets pet owners set up profiles for their pets and communicate with you about all their routine pet care needs. It is through this same client app that pet owners can download a digital copy of their pet’s medical records on their mobile device for easy access whenever they may need it.

  • You’re always in control. Choose to share all or just a portion of a pet’s records with owners through the app.
  • Relevant updates from your linked records system automatically synchronizes in-app, keeping key information up-to-date at all times.
  • VitusVet integrates with most digital EHR systems so you can spend less time faxing, scanning and dealing with paper records.


VitusVet offers more than just electronic health record sharing for pet owners. As a complete client communication solution, VitusVet empowers regular, easy communication between veterinary practices and pet owners to keep everyone informed and moving forward. All VitusVet users can create a fully branded mobile app to share with pet owners and bring their practice into the future.

  • Allowing pet owners to access their pet health records is an effective gesture that demonstrates you prioritize pet health above all else.

  • Use the app to equip your clients with all the documentation they need to submit an insurance claim for their pet.
  • Smart reminders for upcoming appointments and prescription refills save time and money.


This app is extremely helpful in keeping track of my dog’s medical information. I can access all shot records so I know when vaccinations are due, schedule vet appointments, and check notes from past visits if I forget something. Great one-stop-shop for all my pet’s medical stuff.

VitusVet App User

Share Pet Health Records Today!

Save everyone valuable time by giving your pet owners instant access to their pet’s most up-to-date health records with VitusVet’s medical record solution for extra peace-of-mind.