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“VetShipRx has been a great addition to our hospital. Setup was easy, and we were up and running quickly. Our clients are easily able to request the refills they need and being able to offer DoorDash delivery is very helpful. Highly recommended!”

Jennifer Riley, Practice Manager
Caring Hands Animal Hospital – Centreville

The shift in workflow following new curbside protocols was the driving factor for CARE to begin using VitusVet’s 2-way texting platform. Cases were increasing and as such, the front desk staff became overwhelmed with inbound calls. 2-way texting offered relief.

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It’s a great way [for clients] to see what the total is beforehand. Pet owners feel like they’re being paid attention to. On the off chance that a credit card is declined, it’s happening through the privacy of their phone rather than at the practice in front of others –– reducing stress not just for the client, but our front desk staff, as well.”

Amanda, Practice Manager
Crossroads Animal Hospital

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Clients found texting the clinic to be quicker and easier than emailing, and enjoyed sharing documents and pictures as well as engaging in back-and-forth updates all in real time.

Melanie Gentry, Practice Manager
Vilonia Animal Clinic

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For the purpose of dealing with COVID-19, it certainly has been a blessing as we have had to adjust and change our normal workflows and patterns very quickly. We have seven phone lines and our phone lines were completely lit up constantly. People were leaving voicemails and then being upset if we didn’t get back to them, but we couldn’t answer them or listen to the voicemails because the phone lines kept ringing. Now with VitusVet Connect clients can text us. They let us know when they arrive. They can request refills, get access to forms, share pictures… it’s been very, very helpful for us.

Emily Shiver, CVPM and Practice Manager
Cleveland Heights Animal Hospital

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We have been very impressed at how easy it has been to use the 2-way texting feature through VitusVet Connect. Texting our clients has been really slick, and we are able to get immediate responses from our clients.

Pat Hedly, Lead CSR
Bridgton Veterinary Hospital

As a one-person practice, I need to be on top of both my communications and my billing to ensure that my practice runs efficiently. VitusVet provides me the ability to handle both with ease. Now that I’ve added VitusPay, the process has become even more simplified and gives my clients options when it comes to paying for care.

Larry Kovac, DVM
Northland Mobile Veterinary Clinic

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Many of our clients already prefer to text when communicating with everyone in their lives, and VitusVet Connect allows us to reach them in a way that they already prefer. It’s convenient for both staff and pet owners and frees up time for us to engage with clients when they come into the practice.

Bethany Joyce-Patterson, Practice Manager
Green Oaks North Pet Hospital

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100% without one doubt, pet owners are comfortable sending pictures and texts. It’s been so much easier for them to snap a picture and text it to us. They’re so much more responsive to us than phone calling and emailing. We’ve definitely had more open communication with clients using VitusVet.

Emily Shiver, CVPM and Practice Manager
Cleveland Heights Animal Hospital

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Switching to Smart Reminders has saved our practice over $1,300 a month in postcard expenses. By keeping all of our communications in one spot, whether it’s text, email, push notifications, or postcard, VitusVet lets us keep track of our client communications so we’re not over-communicating or overspending.

Tim Burns, Co-Owner & Hospital Administrator
Roaring Brook Veterinary Hospital

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Our clients really appreciate being able to pull their records at any time and are pleased with how easy it is to refill prescriptions for their pets.

Joey Crabtree
Ohio Valley Animal Hospital

With the ability our clients have to access their pet’s medical records through the app, VitusVet has increased the visibility of our record keeping and brought our team to a whole new level of accountability. Our clients really appreciate it.

Lisa Aumiller, DVM
HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service

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VitusVet Connect is super useful. The fact that it integrates into our practice landline lets multiple members of our practice communicate from a single account so they don’t have to give away any personal info. It’s also how our clients prefer to hear from us which in turn helps us take better care of our patients.

Jenn Gotway, Practice Manager
BeeVet Animal Hospital

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VitusVet just works – and clients love it. We don’t have the time to make appointment reminder phone calls. With VitusVet our clients can request and confirm appointments – it’s making the process much easier.

Dr. Cellu Dhawan
Bay Cities Animal Hospital

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We all know that technology is changing quickly and becoming a bigger part of the success of our veterinary practices. VitusVet has given our practice the tools to help us use the new technologies to communicate and market to our clients in a way that they are comfortable receiving it. It has allowed us to focus on doing what we do best, practice medicine.

Steven Wolchinsky, DVM
Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital

VitusVet allows us to offer better customer service to our clients. With our receptionist spending less time on the phone, more time can be spent on face-to-face, undivided attention that shows our clients how much we care. The Connect feature allows us to reach our clients on their terms, which has resulted in a better experience overall.

Dr. Kelsey Hanson
Crossroads Animal Hospital

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Ease of use for my clients is everything. If you want people to use something, it has to be easy to use it. I rank VitusVet in this respect above Vetstreet and above Rapport. I can say that because I used the latter two before I switched to VitusVet.

Nicole Gueniat, DVM
Monrovia Animal Medical Center

My client’s are liking and using the app well. We have run into issues with clients that use it on computers and have not downloaded it to their phones. I am pleased with the ease of use. The reminder system seems to have increased compliance on annual appointments. The ability to send all clients an e-mail at the same time has been a positive, with many clients giving me feedback from the e-mails. Keep improving and growing the app.

Larry Kovac, DVM
Northland Mobile Veterinary Clinic

What are pet owners saying about us?

LOVING IT! – I have access to my pet’s information at any time! I can customized it, add a pic and edit pertinent information. I have peace of mind when traveling since it will show me animal emergency hospitals.

RHOLGIUN, ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This app is extremely helpful in keeping track of my dog’s medical information. I can access all shot records so I know when vaccinations are due, schedule vet appointments, and check notes from past visits if I forget something. Great one-stop-shop for all my pet’s medical stuff.

ROADRIDER1985, ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

PEACE OF MIND – We’ re so glad to have this. We travel with our dogs all over the place. Now if our pups need care after hours or when we’re away from home it’s a relief to know we have access to the information we need. Why can’t it be this easy with for our 2 legged kids? Great job VitusVet!