VitusVet is compatible with industry leading PIMs

VitusVet is the perfect extension of your existing veterinary practice management software. We provide everything you need to streamline workflows, boost your brand, increase pet parent satisfaction and improve client communication.


What does PIMS compatibility mean?

Practice information management systems (PIMS) are designed so veterinary professionals spend less time on paperwork and more time treating patients. PIMs offer veterinarians and practice managers assistance in nearly every component of a veterinary business, tracking patient flow, client communications, billing, patient history, and more.

PIMs compatibility or “integration” means that software can be added on the the practice management system in a veterinary hospital to provide additional features not included in the PIMs. Features such as intelligent reminders, 2-way text and picture messaging, and prescription delivery via DoorDash are all examples of features available via VitusVet’s PIMs integrations.

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What Practice Management Software does VitusVet sync with?

VitusVet is the ideal veterinary technology partner for practices of all types and sizes. Our leading client communication platform easily integrates with the best veterinary practice management software (PIMs) available on the market today.

With a couple of quick phone calls or emails, we can have your PIMs sync’ing with our software and taking advantage of our industry-leading features saving your staff time, your practice money, and providing your clients with a fantastic customer experience.

VitusVet syncs with the majority of PIMs including the most popular on premises practice management systems as well as the latest cloud based PIMs.

Thinking of switching to a new PIMs in the future? No problem, our support team can quickly and easily assist in your transition with zero down time for all of your VitusVet features.


I see VitusVet as being vital to our success. I can truly tell you that our clients are impressed with the app – over 75% subscribed!

Dr. Michael Henricks, Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic, Dublin, Ohio

Supercharge your PIMs with the VitusVet features your clients & staff will love

Streamline workflows, save time and money and make pet parents happier. Schedule a quick, 20 minute demo today to see how VitusVet can add value to your practice management software.

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