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From general practices to fully equipped mobile hospitals to end of life care, mobile veterinarians are among the busiest practices out there and they need the tools to help them run efficiently.

That’s where VitusVet comes in!


The complete toolkit to manage daily operations at maximum efficiency

VitusVet was founded by Mark Olcott, a veterinary doctor and practice owner who created a software solution based on his many years of experience in the profession. Each feature addresses a specific problem that almost every veterinary practice encounters on a daily basis, helping your team operate at maximum efficiency while keeping customer satisfaction top of mind.

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I run a full service clinic and I see 2,500 clients a year as a solo mobile veterinarian. Many of my patients and their families prefer the at-home nature of my mobile practice because they want to avoid waiting in the same area as other sick pets where disease could spread or their immunities could be compromised. A mobile solution really works for them.

Larry Kovac, DVM Northland Mobile Veterinary Clinic Read the full story

Easing Referrals and Record Sharing

Mobile vet practices often receive referrals for animals that either can’t get an in-clinic appointment or are considered an “ornery” animal. Pet owners also appreciate the option for the convenience of in-home euthanasia and other urgent care needs. And through the VitusVet app, they have easy access to their pet’s records that they can seamlessly share to multiple care providers.

People want the transparency of seeing what’s going on with their pets. That’s the number one thing that has people come to us. That, and the convenience. VitusVet helps us with both.

Lisa Aumiller, DVM HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service Read the full story

Meeting Clients Where They Need

Mobile care really resonates with families, multi-pet households, and young professionals. The kids get to be a part of the visit or the young professional can have their mobile vet come to their office where they show off the care they provide to their fur babies. People with multiple pets are especially thankful for the convenience. It’s also helpful for big dogs and elderly animals with mobility issues.

  • Pet owners are responsive to texting and push notifications
  • Service reminders and appointment confirmations help us to stay in regular communication
  • We share when services and refills are needed
  • Drive down the call volumes for busy practice managers.

Word of Mouth Grows Mobile Veterinary Practices

For mobile veterinary practices, word of mouth is important to grow the business. VitusVet makes it easy to get feedback and share positive reviews from happy pet owners with automated survey and review requests – an easy way for clients to sing your praises! Request reviews from your clients to share online as you build up your practice’s reputation and gain useful insight into practice performance by sending private client satisfaction surveys.

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