VitusVet + Hippo Manager Integration

Easily integrate your Hippo Manager veterinary practice management software with VitusVet to automate redundant processes, save time, save money and make pet owners happier.


What is Hippo Manager?

Hippo Manager is a cloud-based management system for veterinary practices that can be accessed from anywhere. The platform handles medical records, scheduling, inventory, reports, security, disaster recovery, invoicing and point-of-sale transactions.

Hippo Manager has also partnered with DRE Veterinary for streamlined purchasing and inventory and veterinary data services for data conversions. The complete software package is available on a monthly subscription basis.

Why integrate VitusVet with Hippo Manager

VitusVet is an ideal technology partner for veterinary practices using Hippo Manager as it seamlessly adds the following features to the already popular practice management solution:

  • Two-way image and text messaging through text-enabled practice landlines allow for more personalized communications with pet owners.
  • A smart solution for routine vaccine and appointment reminders, as well as refill requests, sent based on individual client communication channel preference.
  • Round-the-clock access to digital pet health records for pet owners via the VitusVet client app.

  • Direct integration with their calendar for easy schedule management through the VitusVet dashboard.

Each of these features greatly enhances workflow management and communications improving overall satisfaction both within your team and with clients.


VitusVet has given our practice the tools to help us use new technologies to communicate and market to ur clients ain a way that they are comfortable receiving it. It has allowed us to focus on doing what we do best, practice medicine.

Steven Wolchinsky, DVM, Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital, Laurel, Maryland

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