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Helping Pets Speak to Their Vets

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Sure came in handy last night at the emergency vet. I had all of Robbie’s records available immediately! Thank you CHOF for having VitusVet for your clients!
Carol T.
Pet Owner
Knowledge is power. And in an emergency, access to our precious pets’ complete medical records can save time, money and lives. Tell your vet about VitusVet!
Haley G.
Pet Owner
Wow! Honestly, I thought this was going to be another rubbish app to keep track of my pets’ info. Boy was I wrong! This app is fantastic.
Jennifer A.
Pet Owner

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Helping pets speak to their vets

Dr. Mark Olcott, a veterinarian who has practiced in Maryland and Virginia for over 20 years, started our company to improve the health and safety of all pets.