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VitusVet® is everything you need to streamline workflows, grow revenue, increase pet owner satisfaction, improve client communication and increase client loyalty.


Step into the future of veterinary practice management

VitusVet is the first-of-its-kind veterinary practice management software that offers a complete communications solution with real-time performance metrics and digital payment tools. Seamlessly automate appointment and prescription refill requests, easily text your veterinary clients, accept contactless text payments, share animal health records, offer monthly payment plans, and a whole lot more to help your practice save time, save money, grow your brand and increase revenue.


Merchant Services

Our new Merchant Services Solution can save your practice thousands of dollars with competitive rates and a price match guarantee.


Client Engagement

Communicate with clients using text, push, email and postcards. Multi-channel follow up ensures that you always find the best way to communicate with each pet owner.


Refill Reminders

Our system uses built-in intelligence to send medication refill reminders via text, email, or push notifications.


Real Pets, Real Stories

Read all about how VitusVet helped these clients afford care for their pets.

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Give pet owners what they want

Pets today are cherished members of the family. The VitusVet client app is built on this very principle. Easily branded to your practice, this feature of our platform gives pet owners access to routine records and upcoming due dates, appointment and refill requests and personalized reminders — right from their mobile phones.


Easy integration with your current PIMS

We know that adopting new technology can seem daunting at first. But, with VitusVet you’ll see an improvement in your daily operations from day one. Our platform fully integrates with all leading PIMS and we offer full support to all VitusVet users, so we’ll be by your side every step of the way.


We all know that technology is changing quickly and becoming a bigger part of the success of our veterinary practices. VitusVet has given our practice the tools to help us use the new technologies to communicate and market to our clients in a way that they are comfortable receiving it. It has allowed us to focus on doing what we do best, practice medicine.

Steven Wolchinsky, DVM, Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital

Made with by a veterinarian

VitusVet was born from the first-hand experience of its founder, Dr. Mark Olcott. As a veterinarian, he has lived through the challenges that vets and practices experience.  With a lifelong passion for animal health and a sharp eye for what needs fixing, Dr. Olcott joined forces with co-founder Kalpesh Raval, to create an all-in-one veterinary practice management platform to help practice managers, their clients and pet owners work together more efficiently. VitusVet is headquartered in Baltimore with team members across the country.


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