VitusVet’s vision is to connect pet owners and providers digitally in order to improve pet health. Consumers have been trending towards the adoption of digital engagement tools, which have only been heightened since the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the outbreak, this trend has dramatically spiked, with text communications rising 99% and digital refills on prescriptions rising 76% in the first weeks of the crisis. Additionally, we recently crossed over 100,000 prescription refill requests made through the VitusVet app. 

These changes in consumer behavior show just how essential apps like VitusVet can be in helping connect pet owners to veterinary practices, especially in these unprecedented times. Please continue to check our Industry Pulse page, which updates weekly, and showcases anonymized poll data from our member practices that highlight these changes.

As the situation continues to develop, our CEO, Mark Olcott, DVM, shares his thoughts on how practices can respond to today’s new normal.