Tablet Checkout

Checkout tablets put payment flexibility anywhere in your clinic – from curbside to exam rooms to mobile veterinary units and beyond.

With VitusVet Tablets setting up on-the-go payments is easy!

  • Order your VitusVet Tablets
  • Connect to VitusVet Merchant Processing
  • Pre-configured Tablets delivered to your practice
  • Start accepting payments anywhere
Works with credit cards and debit cards
Optional monthly payment plans available
Dip, swipe, or manually enter credit/debit card information
Capture client email address and phone number
Email receipts to client as soon as sale is complete
Data transparency for easy reconciliation


Practices use VitusVet Tablets from curbside to exam rooms to mobile vets – offering flexibility and privacy.

Allow clients to pay in full or choose a monthly payment plan.
Tablets include VitusPay, letting pet owners benefit from budget-friendly payment options. The total amount is split equally into monthly payments that are processed through a client’s existing credit card, with no need for third-party credit applications.

No credit checks, applications or new lines of credit means that pet owners can receive the affordable care they deserve, paid for overtime, while your practice gets paid upfront.


Tablets are helping us 100%! I don’t know where we would be without the VitusPay tablets. Clients appreciate seeing us do their checkout in front of them curbside and not over the phone.

Emily Shiver, CVPM and Practice Manager Cleveland Heights Animal Hospital

Get Started with Tablet Checkout

Our team will work with you to get you up and running in no time. Add tablet checkout to your practice’s workflow to save time, grow revenue, and build goodwill with your clients today.