Penn Veterinary Supply

Owned by the family of the original founder, Richard Sexton, Penn Veterinary Supply has been serving the veterinary profession for 40 years. With a focus on services and solutions that empower independent, privately held veterinary hospitals, Penn Vet does far more for its customers than providing pharmaceuticals, supplies, and equipment.

VitusVet partners with Penn Veterinary Supply to provide veterinary hospitals with VetShipRx, a platform that empowers veterinary practices to offer same-day delivery of items off their shelves to their clients’ homes. Learn more about Penn Veterinary Supply and the services offered by visiting


VitusVet partners with the PSIvet to offer exclusive benefits for their members utilizing our VitusVet platform. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, PSIvet is a trusted advocate for independent veterinary practices with comprehensive, proprietary solutions that help its members become stronger businesses. PSIvet, like traditional GPO’s, offers purchasing programs to over 5,500 veterinary practices nationwide, but also provide MORE. PSIvet offers employee benefit programs, healthcare plans, education, training, and technology solutions to deliver unmatched value, to help members successfully compete with corporate hospitals, big-box stores, and online retailers. To learn more, visit

Baltimore Tracks

The greater Baltimore metropolitan area is a known hub for technical talent. The area is also known for its diversity and often referred to as a “melting pot”, with a population that’s well over 60% Black. But, the opportunities in technology have not been equally distributed. There are tons of great initiatives to combat this but none of them are led specifically by tech leaders — the very community that has the power to hire and build a diverse workforce. That is what makes Baltimore Tracks unique.​

Baltimore Tracks is a workforce development initiative that brings together tech-enabled companies who are passionate about addressing the lack of diversity in technology in Baltimore. The participating companies are having an open dialog about how to address the problem and sharing resources around what’s working well. The members of the initiative are committed to catalyzing change.


VitusVet is a Silver Business Alliance partner of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA). The VHMA is a nationally recognized thought-leader and innovator in providing training, education, and resources to more than 3,900 members and a trusted resource that the veterinary sector relies on for industry insights, research, and advocacy to assure performance at the highest levels. VHMA’s core purpose is to advance and support veterinary practice management professionals by developing professional competence, supporting and encouraging standards through the industry’s highest-level certification program, the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM), and providing individuals with a network for professional connection and support.


VitusVet partners with the IAVMA to offer exclusive benefits for members using our VitusVet platform. IAVMA is a non-profit organization of progressive veterinarians in North America. Its vision is to provide a network of support to individual group members to achieve highest standards in the field of veterinary medicine and management.


Splitit is a payment method solution enabling consumers and businesses to pay for purchases with an existing credit card by splitting the cost into interest and fee-free monthly payments, without the need for additional registrations or applications. Splitit’s consumer solutions enable merchants to offer their customers an easy way to pay for purchases in monthly installments with instant approval, decreasing cart abandonment rates and increasing revenue. Splitit Business Payments allows manufacturers and suppliers to provide buyers with an interest-free, installment credit solution for purchasing goods and services utilizing their existing credit cards. Serving many of Internet Retailer’s top 500 merchants, Splitit’s global footprint extends to 27 countries around the world. Headquartered in New York, Splitit has an R&D center in Israel and offices in London and Australia.


We created Petriage to help you provide excellent care for your patients. Our vet-validated Petriage Analysis tool, paired with Petriage clinic partnership, helps you extend your business, deepen client relationships, and improve patient outcomes by providing more-connected care. Build client trust and provide seamless service as a Petriage Partner – jumpstart a virtual practice designed for today’s veterinarians and the on-demand economy. With Petriage you can help support your clients with personalized teletriage. An easy-to-use mobile app empowers pet parents to assess the urgency for vet care on a four-point scale – Non-threatening, Worrisome, Urgent, Emergency – and connect with you directly for advice and recommendations. Making you a true “Brick and Click” practice. Learn more at