Hill Country Animal League isn’t an ordinary practice treating our furry friends when they’re sick –– they’re on a mission.

Nestled in the small town of Boerne, Texas, about 30 miles outside of San Antonio, Hill Country has set out to perform thousands of spays and neuters each year, in an effort to minimize the overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats.

At around 20 employees, Hill Country may be small, but they are mighty. They do anywhere from 40-70 spay and neuter procedures a day on roughly around 25 dogs and 40 cats. As a community-driven practice, they work directly with the public and collaborate with multiple nonprofit animal rescue groups, local city and county animal service programs, schools, and other nonprofits to help encourage the importance of pet sterilizations.

They are a nonprofit and thanks in large part to generous private and foundation donations, they are able to keep costs low. In fact, one of their major sources of revenue comes from their thrift store! Through the store, located on the south end of town, the clinic is able to subsidize the costs of all services, which, aside from spay and neuter procedures, also includes vaccinations and products. The thrift store accepts donations of all kinds –– household items, clothing, jewelry, and more. Every item sold directly supports their clinic.

We like the monthly payment plans through VitusPay because it relieves stress of setting up our own business plans and having to keep track of where money is owed and from what clients.

Destiny Stephens, Operations Manager

Another tool they use to keep these surgeries low? VitusPay! We asked Destiny Stephens, Hill Country’s Operations Manager, how VitusPay plays a role in keeping costs low for their clients. “We understand that pet fees can be daunting and hard for many of us to manage,” she tells us, adding that they offer the plans to any clients that have a high enough balance to qualify.

VitusPay has made a difference, as well! Destiny tells us that clients who may have not considered getting their pets spayed or neutered are now able to because of the option of monthly payments. VitusPay isn’t just a hit with their clients, Hill Country’s staff loves it, too.

For the front desk employees, it relieves the stress of setting up their own business plans and having to keep track of where money is owed and from which clients, saving time and creating efficient work flow.

Hill Country utilizes Text to Pay to help the checkout process run smoothly. It also came in handy in the throes of the pandemic, as it lessened contact between staff and the public.

It’s not everyday that we come across a practice as unique as Hill Country Animal League. It fills our hearts and wags our tails knowing that they’re doing important work for their community and the special animals that live there.

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