Pets are usually a source of happiness and joy so when they suddenly fall sick or have to undergo an emergency procedure, it can be a stressful time for any pet owner.

How Much Does a Vet Cost on Average?

Financial costs may be the last thing you want to bring into the conversation and the reality is with the average vet visit costing anywhere from $50 to $400, excluding advanced procedures and emergency care, these payments are sometimes difficult, if not impossible, for many clients to manage.

Luckily there are many financing options available to pet owners. From monthly pet insurance plans to veterinary credit cards, these payment plans help to mitigate some of the costs so more pet owners are protected against expensive treatments. This is good news, particularly where a pet’s welfare is concerned. That said, even the broadest insurance plan won’t cover all bases, and credit cards require a timely credit application and despite their widespread use, not all clients meet the criteria to be eligible for one.

So how do you get compensation for your services without forcing pet owners to cut corners or risk their financial credibility when their pet is in need of veterinary care? Here at VitusVet, we’ve found a solution:

Monthly Payment Plans

Paying a monthly premium can save your clients money in the long run but is it worth it? Looking after a pet can be expensive and insurance companies can help them pay to spread the costs of expensive vet bills over several months.

The downside is most pet medical policies don’t cover routine treatments such as dental care. What’s more, companies rarely provide cover for pre-existing conditions, unless their pet has been symptom-free or you have not claimed for a period of time, usually up to 24 months.

For pets who have a pre-existing condition that requires ongoing treatment, the financial costs can be just as heavy as the emotional burden. Especially when pet parents have to make the agonizing choice of forgoing a life-saving operation due to costly surgeries and treatments.

Veterinary Credit Cards

Unlike traditional pet financing or monthly insurance plans, a veterinary credit card gives your client more flexibility with payments, with some credit card companies offering discounts for a promotional period along with deferred interest payments for the first few months. This allows clients to carry a balance from month to month without any interest charges and may even earn rewards.

While it can make the payment process more palpable, just as with any credit card, many different factors determine the client’s eligibility for financial assistance. In cases where they don’t meet the necessary criteria, applying for too many credit cards in a short space of time could have a negative implication on their credit score.

Clients who get approved for a veterinary credit card could be faced with interest fees or missed payment fees, keeping them from qualifying for other credit options or resulting in a higher credit card limit further down the line.

Full Payment Management Solution: A Paw-Fect Alternative to Insurance or Credit Cards

So what is the alternative? When it comes to managing a pet’s health, VitusVet is a first-of-its-kind technology that gives your clients complete control and flexibility in the way they manage any payments. This means every pet has access to the best care, regardless of their owner’s income. As a fully integrated platform, this dedicated software provides a complete communication solution, offering real-time performance metrics and payment tools such as contactless text payments and monthly payment plans.

The application process is straightforward and simple, with no credit check required. The advantage is that you get the full amount of payment upfront and the client can pay with an existing credit card in easy-to-manage monthly installments, keeping any existing credit card points or rewards intact.

Never again will you have to negotiate awkward cost conversations with clients – with our free payment equipment, payments can be resolved quickly wherever checkout occurs – from curbside to exam rooms.

Plus, VitusVet integrates seamlessly with the leading back-office management systems to extend the care you can provide to pets. Manage patient information in one place, automate appointment and prescription refills, and cut down on waiting times, but best of all, win your client’s trust, loyalty and repeat business time and time again. To find out more, please send us a message and request your free demo today!