Phone calls and direct mailings are becoming a thing of the past with modern technology, but that’s not the only thing changing when it comes to your clients. The millennial generation (currently between the ages of 21-37) has become one of the largest groups of consumers that make up 36% of the number of pet owners in America. Millennials prove to be some of the most dedicated pet owners as 65% of millennials view their pets as a valued part of the family. Veterinary practices are finding that the old tried and true marketing methods aren’t the most effective with millennials as they once were with the Baby Boomers. Millennials mystify veterinary practices as they struggle to market to and communicate with a younger generation. Still, with the right tools, millennials can be some of your most loyal and committed clients.

The question is, how can veterinary practices better appeal to and communicate with millennial pet owners and turn them into loyal clients? First, you have to know more about what makes a millennial tick and then you can tailor your marketing and client service to their needs accordingly.

Here are insights into the millennial mind and how you can adapt your approach.

Show your value

Before investing their time and energy in a product or service, millennials will conduct research and ask others’ opinions about the product or service. This is where your reviews and word-of-mouth marketing come into play. Once at your practice, a millennial will want to know what their pet will encounter during their visit or procedure. Be transparent and explain to your client about the procedures you will perform on their pet and focus on your high-quality patient care. Generally, millennials tend to be big spenders when it comes to purchasing products, but they are also wise with the products and services they buy. Be candid in the information you provide and the cost of the visit. Be honest and clearly communicate the pricing of your services; avoid just charging them out without any agreement.

Become an advisor

Pet owners are coming to you for your opinion on how to best care for their companion. They want the best guidance from your team to help them make the right decisions for their companion. Your clients don’t want to be sold to like they are being pressured to buy a car from a sleazy car salesperson. Position your entire team as reliable advisors that clients can quickly turn to for advice on pet care. If you recommend anything during your visit, write it down, email, or text it to them, so your client can follow up with your recommendation instead of with Google. Provide value with lots of information and focus less on sales. Your millennial clients will be happier doing business with you if they don’t feel pressured to buy a bunch of products and services and can make an educated decision.

Build a bond

People are more than likely to remember someone they have a connection with. For example, when you go into a restaurant, and your waitress goes out of her way to make your visit enjoyable while taking the time to converse with you about your weekend plans and proceeds to make recommendations for fun activities. You are likely to remember your experience and that waitress because you connected. The same experience can be created between your clients and your team.

Millennial clients really value having a personal connection with the staff. They enjoy knowing your staff on a personal level and engaging with the team about how their family and pets are doing. Take time to build a bond and ask questions outside of the primary reason behind the visit. The stronger the relationship you form, the more loyal your clients will be. A warm welcome and personal connection will go a long way.

Make it easy

Millennials are masters of multitasking and utilize their cell phones as a primary tool to complete as much as possible. Millennials avoid phone calls because they are often doing something where a phone call would cause a disturbance, like at work. Make it possible for your millennial clients to do business with you by offering modern conveniences that can be done anywhere, like booking an appointment or request prescription refills from your website or app. Additionally, enable your practice with two-way texting to provide a quick and easy way for your clients to communicate with you. Any form of digital communication that can be used 24/7 is a welcome benefit to millennials.

Overall, connections and honesty are essential when communicating with millennial clients. We want to support you in effectively communicating with all your clients, schedule a demo to see how we can make it possible.