As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to alter our daily lives, many businesses, including veterinary practices, are having to rethink how they operate. Clients are looking to be reassured that their pets are not at risk when they take them to seek care. In order to ease clients’ minds, practices should be over-communicating their strategies when it comes to handling the crisis. Let your clients know what type of preventative measures your practice is implementing to help mitigate risks. Even with the uncertainty that comes from this unprecedented time, it’s important for businesses to adjust and listen to what their clients need, now. 

At VitusVet™, we listen to our practice partners through multiple channels including our community board, chat, email, social postings, calls made into our support team, and outbound relationship calls. Listening drives how we adapt and flex. Likewise, practices are listening to their clients and working to provide educational content to ease COVID-19 related concerns. 

The nature of the VitusVet client engagement platform allows us to see trends and gain insights from thousands of practice users and millions of pet owners across the country in real-time. Our Industry Pulse page, which updates weekly, highlights how client behavior is changing during this pandemic. As the situation continues to develop, our CEO, Mark Olcott, DVM, will continue to share insights from our point of view, along with his thoughts on how practices can continue to provide the extra level of care that clients need, especially during this time.