As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, pet owners across the country are wondering how they can best manage their pet’s care during this turbulent time. A recent survey of VitusVet app users regarding their experiences with their pet during this pandemic found that despite the majority saying that their pet’s provided them a source of comfort, they had concerns about pet interactions, concerns about their pet’s care, and if their pet could become infected with COVID-19.

This pandemic shows that now more than ever, veterinarians can serve as a trusted source of information. The results from our consumer survey highlight the need for practices to be more proactive in educating pet owners and how necessary apps like VitusVet can be in helping practices. As we continue to enter into uncharted territory, our CEO, Mark Olcott, DVM, shares his thoughts on what practices can do to help pet owners respond to their clients’ needs during these unprecedented times.