• boost vet practice revenue

How to Reclaim Pharmacy Sales

April 29th, 2022|

80% of pet owners would prefer to buy prescriptions and food directly from you rather than an online retailer. So why aren’t they? There’s more to that statistic than meets the eye. It's time to find

Get Out of Your Own Way

December 8th, 2021|

I recently have been reading Dr. Scott Gottlieb’s book, Uncontrolled Spread. No matter your views on how this pandemic was handled by those in authority, this book is a lesson in entrenchment and something from which we can

  • Facts about Veterinarians

5 Fascinating Facts About Veterinarians

September 18th, 2021|

Veterinarians are an integral part of our society. They devote their skills and knowledge to care for our pets but also play critical roles in food safety and public health. While caring for animals is challenging work, being

Case Study: Hill Country Animal League

August 16th, 2021|

Hill Country Animal League isn’t an ordinary practice treating our furry friends when they’re sick –– they’re on a mission. Nestled in the small town of Boerne, Texas, about 30 miles outside of San Antonio, Hill

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