New Year, New Vet Appointments

January 26th, 2021|

Every year when January 1st rolls around, we as a society tend to make resolutions based around our health. Whether we want to eat more veggies, kick that 4-cup-of-coffee-a-day habit, or run a marathon, our physical wellbeing is top

It’s Never Over

January 12th, 2021|

I have been thinking a lot about the 2021 New Year’s celebrations. By all rights we should be very excited to start a new year. However, as much as we would like to put an end to all of

What’s Next

December 28th, 2020|

I think we all can agree that 2020 has been the year from hell. We will not regret saying goodbye! Even though it has been rough we have learned some lessons that will help us be better moving

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